Sunday, January 15, 2012

BATTLE Twigs and Stones

Saw this in TV Patrol last night and the trailer gave such a good laugh. Fortunately, the full video isn't so difficult to search.
This is an Ilocano/English short film by SHOTPOOF Productions. The cinematography, special effects and the comedy are really good!

I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Morning Rush Top 10 (Book)

Walking around the National Bookstore in Galleria and I was looking at the "Best-Seller" section but I didn't find any, then I asked the lady where can I get a copy and she pointed me to the cashier... and there it was...

I immediately grabbed one and I'm so happy that I finally got my very own copy of The Best of The Morning Rush Top 10! I read the words at the back of the book and I burst out laughing when I saw "I don't give a dumb".

Oh gosh, I really can't wait to have it signed by Chico and Delamar! Their book signing will be on January 28, 1PM at the Robinsons Galleria fountain area.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wensha Spa - Timog

Our trip to the Wensha Spa in Timog branch that night was a last minute decision. Talking about spontaneity huh? I love massages! Who can ever not resist relaxation? Who?
Tell me who!

Aside from massages, Wensha also offers other options like scrub, mani/pedi, and facial services that you can choose from. Unfortunately we can't take pictures because it's prohibited while inside the premises. So the only picture I can show you now is their logo courtesy of Google!

The service we availed is the Wensha Full Body Massage for 1 hour (Php680). That already includes the use of the wet floor (sauna and jacuzzi), lockers (with automated sensor locking device), all-you-can-eat buffet and Shabu Shabu (certain rates apply for left overs). You can stay inside the branch for a maximum of 6 hours, you would just have to pay Php100/hour for extension.

Once paid at the counter you will be handed with a bracelet with the automated sensor for the locker assigned to you. Then will have to surrender your shoes at the side and an attendant will replace them with rubber slippers which you shall use while inside the spa. I noticed that most of them are wearing red or blue but they gave me a yellow slipper! Special? Anyway, I didn't ask why since I just came to relax and eat! Haha!

Women's locker room/Jacuzzi
I proceeded to the women's locker room to change and soak in the jacuzzi. They have a hot and cold jacuzzi. They have a television inside so you won't get bored. Telenovelas, anyone? It took me about 30 minutes in the hot jacuzzi then 15 minutes in the cold jacuzzi before I finally took a shower. It was so relaxing!

Time to eat!
They have rice, pancit, liver, and pork... that's it pancit! So few. But the ingredients/choices for the Shabu Shabu are many! They have corn, cabbage, squid balls, chicken balls, bacon, siomai, etc. When I finally requested ice cream for dessert "sorry mam, ubos na po"  
 What will I have for dessert if that is their ONLY dessert available? Hayayay!

Wensha Body Massage
It is a 1 hour full body massage then the therapist will ask if you want some stretching after. I always take that option. It feels great! I often fall asleep during or after a very good massage so I asked my therapist if she can wake me up after 10 minutes. I hope I wasn't snoring! Just kidding. Or was I?

It was OK. There isn't much choices at the buffet but you can feast on their Shabu-Shabu. Jacuzzi, sauna and the massage is great.

Personally, I more enjoyed our experience in Pasay simply because it's bigger. The jacuzzi is huge! The massage rooms looks more classy and they got bigger dinning area with lots of food.

They have a new branch in Antipolo by the way. If you're planning to visit any of their branches just avoid it on weekend nights because it is surely crowded!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

Photo courtesy

Lately I've been tweeting about my New Year's Resolution! So far here are my resolutions:

1. Workout
  • Yes. I belong to that huge part of the statistics who wanted to lose weight after gaining some pounds from the holidays. I know this is tough not only for me but I guess to many people also who are trying so hard to lose or maintain their weight

2. Diet seriously
  • Ok ok... this is another toughie! I would cry if I get a sight of chocolates, burger, fries, and ice cream! Maybe I can set a cheat day every month? You think that's ok? Just so I won't look so kawawa if I pass by a fast food, lean my hands on the glass teary-eyed while watching the people having a feast on burgers and fries! Haha! Oh well, Diet + Workout = Sexy Bodeh! Right
3.  Think positive as much as possible
  • Been reading negative tweets and facebook statuses of friends. I want to at least post happy or positive thoughts, it makes me feel good plus it is contagious as well.
4.  Update my blog regularly
  • I will make sure I'll be updating this every day or every week (at the very least) and my new "kikay" blog All Dolled Up where you can read about makeup, fashion, and other hip and trendy stuff!

So what are you guy's resolution or goals for the year 2012? Share it! ^_^

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Travels: Top 5 Highlights 2011

It's the last day of 2011 and it's been a very wonderful year for me. Let me share with you the highlights of my travels this year:
  • Manaoag
      • Mom and I hopped on a bus and went to Pangasinan to visit the Our Lady of Manaoag. Just the two of us, which is a first because we usually would travel with my sister or with one of my aunts. It was a long trip but the visit is always worth it. Bonding time with my mom.
Our Lady of Manaoag
  • Bacolod/Dumaguete
      • The very first time that I visited Bacolod and experienced eating in Manukan. The people are really very nice and friendly plus the tone of their dialect is in fact very malambing. The following day, we traveled 8 hours from Bacolod to Dumaguete! It was like a roller coaster ride! The zigzags, rocky roads, a highway in the middle of a field full of sugar canes. Plus we get to ride a RoRo from Bacolod to Iloilo. Wee! It was such an amazing trip!

Stop over from Bacolod to Dumaguete
Native Coffee and Suman (w/Chocolate)
Dumaguete church

RoRo from Bacolod to Iloilo
  • Boracay
      • It was a surprise that my boss actually included me in the few of the employees who will be traveling to Boracay for our business unit's Strategic Planning activity. Our stay there is extended for us to have a time for some Team Building activities. I had such a blast with the after parties as well.
Strat Plan
Night out with team

Lunch after island hopping

  • Vigan
      • Another first time for me to visit this place! The food, the heritage village, the churches, the Baluarte, which is only some of the experiences after our visit to one of our dealers there. I really wanted to go back to this place again, hopefully to Laoag as well.
Vigan's empanada

Heritage village
  • Cebu (Larsian/Sky Adventure)
      • The second time that I have visited Cebu and the first time that I have experienced the Sky Adventure and eating in Larsian! The edge coaster is by far the most scariest thing I did this year!
Sky Extreme Adventure

That wraps up my top 5 memorable trips for this year! How's your 2011?

Let's welcome 2012 with a huge smile and lots of love! Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Care Divas

Care Divas
A huge thanks to our friend Aze of Sybex for the complementary invites to this wonderful event! I can't help but to feel ecstatic when I heard about this. I always wanted to watch a play since this is something that we don't do often.

It is a musical drama-comedy about five Filipino transgenders who worked in Israel as care-givers by day, and drag queen performers by night. While desperate to cope with their experiences overseas, they struggle with their experiences in work, cultural differences and loneliness.

The story is mainly about the lives of Chelsea, who amongst the five characters seems to have the nicest employer whom she calls "Daddy Isaac"; Shai, who is most of the time is haunted by the nagging of her mother; together with their friends the buff yet girly, Kyla; the flirty and naive, Thalia; and the taray Jonie.

I enjoyed very much the fun dance performances, their original music and the witty comedy. I was so much in awe that I felt like I forgot that my mouth was open. Hahaha! But apart from that, it shows us a deeper story and see what is really going on behind those hardwork for "pasalubong" or "padala" of overseas Filipino workers.

At the end of the show, we got a chance for a meet and greet with the actors and take pictures with them. They are awesome!

My favorite is Kyla (Jerald Napoles). At the meet and greet, I immediately ran toward him!
Jerald Napoles as Kyla

Next is with Shai (Vincent de Jesus). I like the touch of teddy bears on his wardrobe.
Vincent de Jesus as Shai

And of course, Chelsea. I felt slightly embarrassed afterwards when I blurted out "you're so pretty!", I really just can't help it!!! Coz she is! Oh I mean, HE is! Doesn't he? Well hey, it's a compliment!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Sky Experience Adventure - Cebu

This is the highlight of our trip! Since the day I booked a flight to Cebu I just can't stop thinking about Sky Adventure... Sky Adventure, SKY ADVENTURE!!!

We went there at around 4pm and it wasn't very crowded as I expected, probably cause some people already spent their money to buy tickets for the Pacquiao-Marquez fight? Anyway, for only about Php1,000/head we get to enjoy The Edge Coaster, Sky Walk, 4D Theater and dinner afterwards.

The Edge Coaster.
This is the first of its kind in the world! You get to ride and tightly fastened on a coaster then you can go all the way to it's maximum tilt of 55 degrees looking down and go around the edge of the Crowne Regency Hotel, it is at the 38th floor lang naman! I was extremely excited when I hopped in the coaster, but I lost my poise when our seat tilted! My hand got sweaty and my shin was aching, I was doing my best not to look down (I was so scared!) but I eventually managed to look up on to the horizon and appreciate the awesome view of Cebu city, I felt better. Whew!

Sky Walk Extreme Sky Adventure.
It is about a 15-minute walk around the edge platform on the 37th floor of Crown Regency. The fun part is you walk on a see-through platform with nothing to hold on to, but you sure are safely buckled into a harness and cables connected on the back of your jumpsuit. It was not really that scary at all, I even did a "one foot stand" on the edge for a photograph - ha!

Cameras are not allowed when on both the Edge Coaster and the Sky Walk, but they have official photographers who will be there to capture your extreme moment.

After the Sky Experience Adventure we went in the 4D theater where we get to pick which film we want to see. We chose Lost Island. It short film wasn't that bad but the 4D glasses really kind of made me feel dizzy. Then we had our bonggang bonggang buffet dinner.

The whole Sky Experience Adventure is amazing! And I survived! Do you think you can survive too?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Larsian sa Fuente" Experience - Cebu City

It is a barbecue place
Those are the only words I was told. I really have no idea what else to expect aside from "everything barbecued". This picture in my head came in, it is probably situated in a nice place where you can just relax and enjoy your dinner. Maybe like "Gerry's Grill", then the scheme is like "Dampa" where you can pick the fresh seafood, pork, chicken, etc and have them cooked the way you wanted them. But it looks so different from the picture I have in mind.

Holy smokes
So finally we arrived. Standing in front of the place "Larsian sa Fuente", I was so curious what the place have in store for us. We stepped inside and we were engulfed in this thick cloud of smoke, it was as if we were walking on clouds. Are we in heaven? I admit that I was quite a bit shocked but that moment actually gave me a sudden feeling of excitement.

Welcome to Larsian
The place is surrounded by different barbecue stalls with lots and lots of tables right in front of each stalls towards the middle! The noise of the vendors calling, inviting and attracting prospective customers amused me. If you close your eyes it is as if they're calling your name wanting your autograph or picture with them (haha). You might also be surprised with the mix of the crowd here. I saw a few foreigners, some dating couples, a young group, a some kind of family gathering. Everybody is welcome!

Lami Kaayo
We had this dozen sticks of pork, liver and gizzard, chorizo, I don't know what else is there... and oh! Chicken. Plus it is served with "hanging rice" or what they call puso. You can say lami kaayo which means delicious.They do not have spoon and fork so forget about table manners and eat with your bare hands! I see some people wrap their hands with plastics so that their hands wouldn't get dirty.

Assoted Pork, Liver, Gizzard, Chorizo.
My favorite Pusit!

Hanging Rice aka Puso (sing with me: Sana dalawa ang puso ko.).

The Experience
It is truly a fun, wacky, and unforgettable experience and the smell of the food will surely stick to your clothes. It really is so much fun and it is worth sharing and I hope you guys visit this place too! It is located near Fuente OsmeƱa and Chong Hua Hospital.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Can't Hardly Wait for "Immortals"

I just found out that Immortals won't be released today (11-11-11) and we will have to wait until November 30th.

When we saw this trailer a couple of months ago and it got us excited, well ok it's most likely a bit like 300 meets Clash of the Titans but I assure you that you'll be engaged with its cinematography.

Early this week excitement rushed over us as we anticipated it's official international release (November 11, 2011). However, and for whatever reasons, sources states that the Philippine release date for Immortals will be on November 30, 2011.

Anyway, for now let me show you the trailer and let's all together wait for its release here:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dollface Palettes

This week I have been deciding which of these Dollface palettes I should buy. I already have NYX Eyeshadow Palette but I need more colors. But I still can't decide!

Vanity Palette
 I like their Vanity (Combo) Palette because it has eyeshadow, lipsticks, blush and contour. However, the eyeshadow collection is pretty much similar to my NXY eyeshadow palette (below), doesn't it?

More Dollface's Eyeshadow Palettes:

Avant Garde Palette (I like this one so that I have darker shades)

Contour and Blush Palette
I wanted to get them all! 
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